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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual

Principal occupation Australian Paralympic swimmer

Lyn Lillecrapp is one of the few Gawler identities to have an entry in Wikipedia.

“Lynette "Lyn" Lillecrapp née Michael, Order Of Australia Medallist (born 1945) is an Australian Paralympic swimmer. She contracted paralytic polio at the age of two months. Lillecrapp started her competitive swimming career in 1974, and competed at the 1976 Toronto, 1988 Seoul and 1992 Barcelona Summer Paralympics.“

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Please here to read Lyn Lillicrap's life story. We thank Val Paltridge for the great time and effort undertaken to record all of Lyn's life history.

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Lillecrapp Lyn Bunyip 2013 1016 001
Lillecrapp Lyn Bunyip 2013 1016 001

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