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Fast Facts
Type of person Family

Place of birth Germany
Date of arrival 1849
Principal occupation Saddlers

Place of decease Gawler

Carl Christian Wachsmuth Born 1822: Germany

Died 12 Sep 1859 • Gawler, South Australia

Carl was a saddler with a shop in Murray Street, Gawler. Carl was born in Germany (Prussia) where he married Henriette, before they travelled to South Australia in 1849. After Carl's death in 1859, his wife Henriette [Minna] took over the saddlery shop. Later, his son Carl Junior would also become a saddler and run the family business.1</sup

Henriette Wilhelmine Minna (nee RICHTER) – (known as Minna) Born: 16 Aug 1822 • Mittenwalde, Preussen, Germany

Died: 4 Apr 1896 • Gawler, South Australia. She was buried in St Georges Anglican Cemetery on Cheek Avenue, Gawler East.

The children of Henriette (Minna) and Carl Wachsmuth:

Carl (Otto) Wachsmuth (1849–1897)

Emma Bertha Wachsmuth (1851–1913)

Bertha Emilie Wachsmuth (1854–1890)

Hermann Ferdinand Wachsmuth (1856–1910)

Agniss Henrietta Matilda Wachsmuth (1858–1859)

Minna Anna Wachsmuth (1860–1863).

Minna Anna Wachsmuth died from Scarlatina maligna (Scarlet Fever) at age 3 on the 19 October 1863. She was buried at the Gawler Cemetery (now Pioneer Park) Murray St, Gawler.2

According to the Town of Gawler Heritage Survey 2020, the Wachsmuth family owned properties in Gawler on Eighth Street.3

The Wachsmuth family came to Australia from Hamburg Germany onboard Princess Louise. German families left the country after political unrest.4

GAWLER LOCAL COURT (excerpt from The Bunyip Newspaper 1873)


Tuesday, May 20

(Before Messrs G. W. Hawkes, S.M., J. Mitchell and W. Malcolm, J.P.s.)

WACHSMUTH v, ZOLLNER— Claim for £2 5s.

Mr Turner for defendant-

J. K. Sanderson, manager of Mrs Wachsmuth’s establishment, said he sold a second-hand saddle to defendant for £2- 2s., and received 2s deposit in 1867. ln February, 1868, he waited upon defendant at his residence, Port Gawler, but did not see him. Sent the account several times since. He took the saddle with him when he purchased it. Mrs Wachsmath stated she had asked defendant personally for payment of the saddle three years ago. He promised to pay me when he had money. Plaintiff nonsuited, under the Statute of Limitations Act. 5

EDITORS NOTES - The Bunyip 1896

The Late Mrs. Wachsmuth — We regret to have to announce the death of one of our most respected townspeople in the person of Mrs Minna Wachsmuth., widow of the late Mr. Carl Wachsmuth, saddler, of this town.

Although the deceased lady had reached the ripe age of 74 years, until her death — which occurred on Saturday morning at the residence of her son, Mr. Otto Wachsmuth, of Murray Street - she was a woman of active habits and vigorous intellect, kind and generous disposition, and one who understood and practised charity in its true form. She leaves one daughter and two sons, and eight grandchildren.

The sons are Mr. O. Wachsmuth of Gawler and Mr. H. Wachsmuth of New South Wales, and the daughter is Mrs. C. J. Mellor of St. Peters. The late Mrs. B. J. Fotheringham of Gawler was also a daughter.

Mrs. Wachsmuth with her late husband came from Germany to this colony in the year 1849, and with the exception of about two years spent at Adelaide she had lived continuously in Gawler until her death.

The late Mr. Wachsmuth built the premises now occupied by Mr. O. Wachsmuth in the year 1857, but unfortunately one of the floods at that time so prevalent at Gawler came through the place, and in trying to protect his property he caught a cold, which terminated fatally. But' with the pluck characteristic of many of our early colonists Mrs. Wachsmuth fell into the breach, and carried on the business successfully until her son was old enough to take charge, and it is now, with one exception, the oldest-established business of its kind in the colony.6

[Researched by Allen Tiller]


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