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“Willaston. Part of Gawler, and yet always to be so intrinsically separate. To be a true Willastonian, to walk or drive northwards over the Willaston Bridge is to enter a different world, unable to be defined, but to the chosen, immediately recognisable and understood. Ah Willaston! How I love thee”.

From: “Willaston Revisited: Dedicated to my grandchildren for their grandchildren”. January 1988.

Carmody, Gerald. Jane Street, Willaston. 

This is a collation of many people’s records, photographs, memories and anecdotes. I have just taken their information and put it into this format.

I was surprised by how little published information there is about Willaston. I have found Willaston to have a wonderful history, and a separate identity to Gawler. Care has been taken to avoid errors whilst compiling the information about Willaston. Nevertheless, as some information has been accepted in good faith without means of verification, as secondary sources, I apologize for any unintentional inaccuracies in the presentation. Much of the lure of the past relies on anecdotal stories of the time.

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