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Address: 33 Main North Road
Town or Locality: Willaston
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The hotel now known as “The Willaston Hotel” was originally called “The Victoria Hotel”. It was built in 1866 by T. Scown and had a number of smaller businesses attached to it. In 1958 it changed its name to the Willaston Hotel, as it is known today.

The Grand Order of Oddfellows opened the Loyal Victoria Lodge at its meeting in the Victoria Hotel on 26th March 1867.

Mr. Fred Brooks recollects on the businesses he knew of in the row of shops that ran along the side of the hotel -

“In the 1920s the first one by the hotel was occupied by Mr. Cossey, a sign writer. The large doors at the rear opened up to allow the butchers and bakers carts, etc. to be brought in for Mr. Cossey to work on. In the 1930s to 1960s this shop served as the Willaston Football clubrooms. At times, a few of the homeless would sleep there. Later, Mr. Don Hughes opened a second hand shop, followed by Mr. Neville Chammen . Next, R&H Johnson traded as a second hand dealer and also repaired tarpaulins. In 1988 the north wall of this shop was partly demolished and a doorway built in and the area was made into a darts and poolroom.

The second shop was used by Mr. Hogben as a storeroom for bulk groceries. For a short time it was used as a dry cleaning business operated by Mr. Raymond. It is best known as Turner’s Butcher Shop, operating from 1948 until 1992. The third shop along was used by Mr. Jack Fowler who baked pies and pasties and also sold drinks and lollies. Mr. Alf Keith did shoe repairs and leather work, before moving next to the Willaston Post Office and General Store. During World War II Mr. J. Selway opened a butcher’s shop, closing in 1945. It also operated as a fruit and vegetable shop run by Laurie and Bob Lally from 1945 until 1973.

The end shop was a greengrocers shop run by Mr.M. Ward, until 1903. He then moved next to the post office, before moving across the road to run what the Willaston locals knew as “Ward’s shop”. After Ward moved, the shop continued as a greengrocer, run by Mr. Dick Turner. It is reported that two of his children were born there. The shop was used as a grocer shop by different traders until 1971. Mr. Barry Lewis sold copper ware, then R&H Johnson moved from the first shop into this shop, trading as Willaston Harness & Saddlery. They closed down in 1990.”

A story is told about a glass-fronted call box that used to be in the vicinity of the Willaston Hotel. It was connected directly to the Gawler Police Station. This was before telephones were in general use. In an emergency, the caller would rapidly turn a handle and the Police Sergeant would proceed with all haste to Willaston on his bicycle. Many false alarms were raised on dark nights by local larrikins (as remembered by Gerald Carmody).

The following information has been gathered with permission from “Hotels and Publicans in South Australia” by J.L. (Bob) Hoad Adelaide 1986 ISBN 0 86745 002 9 and ISBN 0 9595446 2 3


See – Willaston, 33 Main North Road, Willaston

Existed 1866 – 1984 - ?

Known as Victoria Hotel 1866 - 28.8.1958.

Known as Willaston Hotel 29.8.1958 – 1984 - ?

National Trust Recorded List [Item no. 860]


1866 Scown T.

1867 – 1869 Scown C.T.

1869 – 1870 Robertson G.

1870 – 1882 Barnfield Robt.

1883 – 1898 Smith Wm. Hy.

1899 – 1901 Sampson Jno.

1902 Kinnane Mrs.

1903 – 1905 Crabb R.J.F.

1906 – 1908 Fitzsimmons B.

1908 – 1910 Hood Eliza Mrs.

1911 Lawler Mrs.

1912 – 1913 Connolly Jno.

1914 – 1916 Nottle Chas.

1917 Clarke A.W.

1918 Julian Jas.

1919 – 1920 Oschar Jas. L.

1921 O’Dwyer J.J.

1922 Watters J.C.

1923 – 1930 Hutchens H.R. [Hutchins?]

1931 – 5.9.1932 Pope R.V.

6.9.1932 – 28.12.1933 King Robt. A.

29.12.1933 – 27.11.1944 King Jessie May

28.11.1944 – 14.3.1948 King Jessie May & Pring Henry Oswald Lloyd

15.3.1948 – 30.12.1956 Bennett Jack

31.12.1956 – 19.3.1960 Bennett Jack & Gladys May

20.3.1960 – 8.2.1964 Hoffman Glen Stuart & Ethel Melva

9.2.1964 – 17.1.1966 Watson Arthur John & Claire Millicent

18.1.1966 – 7.5.1972 Watson Arthur John

8.5.1972 – 1.5.1976 Emes Clifford Maxwell & Phyllis

2.5.1976 – 1.5.1979 Playford Geoffrey Malcolm & Patricia Anne

2.5.1979 – 20.6.1979 Cummings Jane Teresa

21.5.1979 – 7.2.1981 Jennings Robert Hervin & Keith William

8.2.1981 – 20.3.1983 Morgan Peter Harry & Jennifer Ann

21.3.1983 – 13.8.1984 Marshall Donald Victor

14.8.1984 - ? Hodgens Gregory Wayne

Willaston Hotel is contained within the Town of Gawler's Local Heritage list.

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  • 1. Danvers Architects Gawler Heritage Survey 1998 The Corporation of the Town of Gawler (June 1998)
willaston hotel c1880
willaston hotel c1880
Main Street 31-35, Willaston
Main Street 31-35, Willaston
Willaston Hotel 2ndJan1981 Don Window and police after accident. Bunyip 6Jan1982
Willaston Hotel 2ndJan1981 Don Window and police after accident. Bunyip 6Jan1982

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