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Type of organisation: Community Service

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Willo’s Men's Shed Inc.

Willo’s Men's Shed Inc. started at 5a Little Paxton Street Willaston on 11th October 2007 to the current day.

A project between Gawler Health and Town of Gawler commenced in 11.10.2007 with 10 people and now has over 40 people on any of the three days Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Willo's Men's Shed, is located in Little Paxton Street in Willaston It was established nine years ago with a $50,000 grant from Wakefield Health, with the assistance of Employment Directions, which actually had the original head lease on the site. Now the Men's Shed was incorporated and holds the lease as Willo’s Mens Shed Inc.

The Men's Shed was established to provide a shed substitute for retired men who may no longer have access to their own shed, garage or workspace which they can call their own. Importantly, though, the shed also exists to provide men with a setting distinct from the pub or a football club—there is often nowhere else for men of a certain age to go.

Willo's Men's Shed also provides a place to enjoy the company of other men and a cuppa in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by blokes working shoulder to shoulder with other like-minded men.

Willo's Men's Shed consists of three sections. There is the leisure room, a kitchen (which is used, obviously, for cooking and sharing meals) and a workshop (which contains workbenches, tools for woodwork, metalwork, etc.)

The Willo's Men's Shed consists of a core group of 35 to 40 active members, with a five-person management committee. Currently, the chair of the committee is Neville Voight, original committee 2007 was supported by Graham Carse, Ian Polkinghorne, Douggie Lloyd, Dwayne Reed, and Steve Frinsdorf.

In its nine-year history, around 1000 men have passed through the doors of the shed, some coming from outside Gawler itself. Also, we would like to acknowledge the work done by Mr Aaron Phillips and the Gawler Men's Health Group in establishing the shed nine years ago.

Current Committee 2016 is chairman - Neville Voight,- Secretary Kevin Douglas,- Treasurer Wayne Marks,- Committee members Andrew Scholtz,-( Douggie Lloyd – one of our founding member,) Henry Loveridge,- Rodney Mold, and David Dawson. Current Patrons are Tony Piccolo and Steve Frinsdorf.

In the workshop the men work on their own projects or do a lot of community work. They do repair work on furniture, etc., for the local nursing home, the Gawler Show, etc. All the moneys made by the shed are reinvested in the shed itself.

We ran a group called Blokes at the Shed (BATS), and they meet on Tuesdays. It is a social group with a health focus, and around about 12 guys attends that event regularly, supported by Gawler Health Service volunteers. Now on hold. That group was particularly supportive of men who are isolated because of depression or divorce, etc.

The shed also provides monthly cooking classes and men learn to cook quick, simple, healthy meals, either for themself if they are divorced, widowed or single, or for their families if they are just trying to pull their weight at home.

Early days ran a group called Talk 'n' Tools, which was in collaboration with Employment Directions (who have now left Gawler. Various other projects include fixing water leaks in trailers and caravans to joinery and wood working projects.

The members are very resourceful in getting donated timber and machinery. You can tinker in the workshop or play a game of Pool darts or table tennis to craft to a coffee and chat.

Willo’s Men’s Shed Inc. is linked to the National Men’s Shed Association. It is a non for profit incorporated group.

We charge an annual membership fee and we do have a try before you buy membership.

Look on the website if you need more information or drop in to view on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 10 -4pm

Current statistics show that members spent more than 71,724 hours at the shed and individual users of 17,805 men as single visits.

Thanks to Gawler Health and the Town of Gawler for supporting this great group of men support Men’s Health and the Community.

Phone 0428 362 277 Email willosms@hotmail.com 5 Little Paxton Street WILLASTON SA

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  • Steve Frinsdorf
Willos Mens Shed at Willaston (2)
Willos Mens Shed at Willaston (2)
Willos Mens Shed at Willaston (4)
Willos Mens Shed at Willaston (4)
Willos Mens Shed at Willaston (6)
Willos Mens Shed at Willaston (6)

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