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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth c. 1822

Date of death c. 1893

William Allen represented East Ward as Councillor between 1889 and 1890.

The Election. Never hardly has there an election occurred in Gawler that has excited so little enthusiasm as the election for a Councillor for East Ward, on Saturday last. Out of a possible 184 votes, only 71 were recorded. There, too, was an almost total absence of the signs that an election was going on.

There was no vehicles hurrying about, and no friends of the candidates urging the electors to go to the poll. With the exception of a small porter about the size of a pocket-handkerchief, there was nothing to indicate that any candidates were in the field.

Very shortly after the close of the poll, the scrutineering was finished, and the Returning Officer, Mr B.E. Deland, J. P. announced he result to a few ratepayers who had assembled. The result was as follows:

William Allen… 37

W. H. Cox… 34

Mr W. Allen, in moving a vote of thanks to the Returning-Officer Councillor G. Sheriff seconded. He thought if Mr Cox’s friends had exerted themselves at all the result would have been different. The motion having been carried, and three cheers for the Queen given, the meeting closed.

Extracted from The Bunyip, 7 December 1888, page 2.


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