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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 28 Jan 1837
Place of birth Halse, Somerset, England.
Date of arrival 7 Apr 1849
Principal occupation Carpenter, Council Officer
Date of death 26 Sep 1922
Place of decease Joslin, South Australia, Australia

Extract from the Gawler "Bunyip", Friday, September 29, 1922, under the heading "ACROSS THE BOURNE"--Death of Mr Philip Cheek. States the following information; Mr Cheek: • arrived in Australia in 1849 and came to Gawler in 1854.

• Assisted at the then Post office

• Learnt the Trade of Carpenter through several firms

• ‘During his connection with these firms, most of the principal buildings of the town were erected’

• ‘proved a highly esteemed and popular citizen’

• in 1860, he was the originator of Riggs' Viceregal Band, fulfilling the post of conductor

• In 1869 he was chairman of the building trades association, fighting for the 8-hour workweek. This was adopted in 1873

• In 1870 – 1877 and again 1879-1918, Mr Cheek was appointed Inspector to the Gawler Corporation

• He, therefore, had an almost continuous association with the Corporation for 48 years.

• For more than 60 years Mr Cheek was the choirmaster at the Tod Street Methodist Church

• He was the oldest Forester in Gawler, joining in 1857

• a member of the Oddfellows Order, Manchester Unity, and was the auditor for both bodies for many years

We thank Jacinta Weiss for this contribution.

Additional information provided by Allen Tiller:

Mr Cheek Departed England on 5 JAN 1849 from Plymouth, Devon, England, arriving in South Australia on 7 April

Philip Cheek was the Conductor of the Gawler Methodist choir for 50+ years.

Mr Cheek worked as Inspector of Weights and Measures - Town of Gawler - <click here> to read a newspaper article about Mr Cheek weighing bread in Gawler.

Philip Cheek married Olivia Penaluna on 13 August 1863 at the Wesleyan Chapel, Gawler.

Olivia Cheek nee Penaluna (1845-1908)

To read Philip Cheek's obituary <click here>

Together they had 9 children: Arthur Thomas Cheek (1864–1866), Robert Cheek (1866–1922), Leonard Mankey Cheek (1867–1875), Emily Aves Cheek (1869–1944), Arthur Forgie Cheek (1872–1943), Olive Jane Cheek (1874–1906), Herbert Philip Cheek (1876–1876), Albert James Cheek (1879–1911), Muriel Elizabeth Cheek (1887–1947)

Please <click here> to view photos of Philip and Olivia Cheek.


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