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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1917

Date of death 2013



On April 4th 1917, Lloyd George Chapman came into this world, born at home a small stone cottage towards the south end of Hillier Rd - it is still occupied.

I started my education at the Gawler Blocks School, now called Evanston Gardens, about one mile from home.

I enjoyed school here until I finished Grade 3, and then my father had a new home built at the northern end of Hillier Rd much nearer to his employment.

He was a fitter, turner, toolmaker with May Bros Foundry adjacent to the Gawler Railway Station.

I then transferred to St Joseph's School on Church Hill. I found this a very good school in as much as the more work you completed, the more challenging the work became.

In that year, I finished Grade 4 & 5 Mathematics. I just loved doing Maths, so then I skipped Grade 5 and was put straight into Grade 6.

The next year I passed my Qualifying Certificate, which meant I could start my Secondary education at Gawler High School.

Being only 11 years old I was one of the youngest and smallest students at the school. Consequently, the number of times I was ducked as all new students were was numerous, but I coped OK and enjoyed my 4 years there as best I could.

Again, Maths was my strong point, and I topped the Intermediate class and received a book "Stories from Dickens", which is still in our book rack in the verandah, and I don't think I have ever read it - I like cricket books!!!

I finally passed my 5 subjects at that level - Maths 1, Maths 2, Maths 3, Physics and Chemistry, which meant I could continue studying which I didn't like or I could try my luck in the workforce.

It was in the middle of Australia's worst ever depression; no apprenticeships and in my heart, I wanted to be a motor mechanic, but had no luck in that direction.

I very narrowly missed out on being a Police Cadet -I wasn't quite tall enough.

Retail shops in Gawler were open until 9.00pm on Friday's and 10.00 pm on Christmas Eve, and most young people just wandered up and down the street talking and entertaining each other as young people do.

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