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Jerningham Street to the west / Stubbs Street to the east

Maps 1, 2 and 3 have both streets named as “Stubbs Street.

Rates books have the contemporary naming (with both Jerningham and Stubbs Streets).

Finniss Street

Finniss Street in maps 2 and 3, and in 1868 to 1890-91 rates books.

Finnis Street in 1858-61 rates books

Bishop Street (no longer exists)

Features in map 1, 2, and 3.

Not mentioned in the rates books.

Flinders Street

Flinders Terrace in map 1.

Flinders Terrace in rates books 1858 – 1860.

Not mentioned in rates books 1861 to 1890-91.

Parnell Street

Parnell Square in maps 1, 2, and 3.

Northern end of Nixon Terrace

Glenelg Place in maps 1, 2, and 3.

Glenelg Place in rates books from 1858 to 1882-83 (properties from 1885-86 to 1890-91 are referred to as being in Nixon Terrace or Parnell Square / Place).


Julian Terrace MAP

Julia Terrace in maps 1, 2 and 3.

Juliana Terrace in 1858 to 1868 rates books.

Julian Terrace in 1875-76 to 1890-91 rates books.

Whitelaw Terrace

Witlaw Terrace in map 1.

Whitlaw Terrace in map 3.

Whitlaw Terrace in 1858 to 1861 rates books.

Whitelaw Terrace 1860 rates book.

Not mentioned in 1868 to 1890-91 rates books.

Tod Street

Todd Street in map 1, 2 and 3.

Tod Street 1858 to 1890-91 rates books (but Tod and Todd both appear in the 1861 rates book)

Paterson Terrace

Patterson Terrace in 1858 to 1868, 1879-80 and 1882-83 rates books.

Paterson Terrace 1875-76 to 1878-79 and 1885-86 to 1890-91 rates books.

Scheibener Terrace

Scheibner Terrace in maps 1, 2 and 3.

Scheibener Terrace in 1858 to 1860, 1877-78, 1885-86 and 1889-90 rates books.

Scheibner Terrace in 1861, 1875-76, 1879-80, 1887-88, 1888-89 and 1890-91 rates books.


Union Street / Warren Street

High Street in maps 2 and 3.

High Street in rates books from 1875-76 to 1890-91 (not mentioned prior to that).

Coombe Street

Coombs Street in map 1.

Coombe Street in map 2

Angle Street in 1859 to 1861 rates books.

Coombe Street in 1868 to 1890-91 rates books.

Duffield Street

Duffield Street in map 3

Middle Road in 1859 to 1861 rates books.

Duffield Street in 1868 to 1890-91 rates books.

Daly Street

Daly Street in maps 1 and 2

Duffield Street in map 3.

Middle Road in 1859 rates books; Higher Road in 1860 and 1861 rates books.

Daly Street in 1868 to 1890-91 rates books.

GAWLER SOUTH (outside the area covered by the rates database)

From map 4:

First Street was Ford Street

Second Street was Union Street

Third Street was Bank Street

Fourth Street was Queen Street

Fifth Street was Houghton Street

Sixth Street was King Street

Seventh and Tenth Streets were Bridge Street

Eighth Street was Water Street

Eleventh Street was Moore Street

Twelfth Street was marked in as a route for Bridge Street

Adelaide Road was Murray Street


1. “Plan of Gawler Town and its Suburban Townships, showing routes examined for the proposed railway to Angaston; Plan Nº 2.; Taxation department”. Original located at State records, [C506] Neg GRG 21/24/32. Handwriting has been added in red pen, including the wording “Alternative line November 1889” and “Line examined for railway November 1889” and dotted lines denoting the proposed railway routes

2. “Frearson’s Plan of Gawler Town and its Suburban Townships”

This map has no date but was probably done sometime in the 1890s or first decade of the 20th century.

3. “Plan of Gawlertown and its Suburban Townships; compiled by George Warren 1863; Taxation Department”.

4. “Plan of Gawler Town South situated contiguous to the River Gawler and Gawler Town; Taxation Department; Geo Green Land Agent King William St Adelaide”. Original located at State records, [C504] GRE 21/24/30. “Plan 51 of 1858 GRO” is written in by hand under the map title; “Balance of Plan 51 of 1858 See plan of Gawler Town etc GG Mann 29/9/56” is written in by hand on the side of the map.


Dr Helen Wilmore, Coordinator, Gawler Historical Rates Assessment Database

Gawler Environment & Heritage Assoc. Inc.

C/- 42 Finniss St

Gawler SA 5118

Please note: The rates book information provided represents records as they were entered in the original rates assessment books, as best as we could ascertain. However, we cannot guarantee that mistakes have not been introduced. So, for strict research purposes, the original rates assessment books held at State Records must be taken as the most definitive source of information.


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