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Date made or found 1981

The Gawler Heritage Study 1981:

Gawler was one of the first country towns to be created in South Australia. The site was chosen, and the town laid out in 1839 by Colonel William Light who was also responsible for site selection and planning for what is now the City of Adelaide.

Gawler is a town rich in history but subject to development pressures largely because of its location on the outskirts of the expanding metropolitan area of Adelaide. There has been an increased community awareness of the need to protect the buildings and areas which reflect our cultural heritage. An area which approximates the original township established by Colonel Light together with a number of items have been entered in the Register of the National Estate under the Australian Heritage Commission Act 1975. In addition, items within Gawler have been included on interim lists and on the Register of State Heritage Items under the South Australian Heritage Act, 1978-80.

This study as an historical assessment and identification of items and areas is Stage 1 of a three-stage programme for heritage studies proposed by the Department of Environment and Planning, Heritage Unit. Stage II is seen as a detailed assessment of items and Stage III implementation of proposals including restoration, planning controls and nomination.

The study includes the area covered by the Corporate town of Gawler which includes the original township between the North and South Para rivers with Murray Street as the business centre and Cowan Street as the residential area. Extensions within the Corporate area include Willaston to the north and. residential areas as far south as the Gawler racecourse.

Based on a detailed historical summary of the social, economic, cultural and physical development of the town, this study has identified over 70 sites worthy of further study with a view to listing, together with the definition of housing types, many of which still exist in large numbers. In addition, four Heritage Area's which exhibit historic significance have been suggested.

STEERING COMMITTEE This study was administered by the following Steering Committee drawn from the Corporation of the Town of Gawler and the Department of Environment and Planning (Heritage Unit).

CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF GAWLER Major G.B. Harnett Councillor P. Gue Councillor I.P. Harbison Councillor G.K. New Councillor R.D. Vlintulich Councillor E.M. Creme Councillor V.L. Gravestock Mr. R.G. Walter (Planning Officer)



Department of Environment and Planning National Estate Grants. Programme 1980-1981

CONSULTANT HIGNETT & COMPANY, Architects and Planning Consultants, 39 Dulwich Avenue, DULWICH, S.A. 5065. Telephone: (08) 332 8411

STUDY TEAM Peter Hignett, F.R.A.I.A., F.R.A.P.I. Susan Woodburn, B.A. (Hons), M.A., M.L.S. (LARA Research Consultants).

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