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Fast Facts
Address: 6 East Terrace
Town or Locality: Gawler East
Year constructed: 1912
Year demolished or re-purposed: 1994
Used for: Public Hospital
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The founding and maintaining of a hospital in Gawler was made possible by the funds from the estate of a Mr Thomas Hutchinson who died on the 30th of August 1901, and had been a resident of the town for over 50 years, serving as Town Inspector and later as a Councillor. The funds, approximately 10 Thousand Pounds, became available on the death of his wife on 12th April 1911. The family home in High Street was sold to provide the funds. The first Hospital Board was formed and at their first meeting on 28th August 1911 it was decided to purchase two acres of land, from a Mr Copley for 100 pounds, on an elevated site on East Terrace for the Hospital.

The well know Adelaide architect Mr Alfred Wells prepared the plans and on the 15th July 1912 a tender from J T Quinn & Co, of Hamley Bridge to erect the building at a cost of 3,346 pounds was accepted by the Board. This was actually the lowest tender.

At a meeting of the Hospital Board on the 27th September 1913, Sister Treuman the matron of the Pinnaroo District Hospital, and formerly from the Kapunda Hospital, was appointed as matron. There were nine applications for the position. At the same meeting a letter from the Chief Secretary indicated that the Government were prepared to match pound for pound any bequests or donations made towards the building and its management.

The Hutchinson Hospital was officially opened on the 19th November 1913 by Mr A J Murray with a silver key presented to him by Mr E H Coombe, the Chairman of the Hospital Board. The capital value of the buildings was 5,761 pounds, 10 shillings and 6 pence. The Hospital comprised two wards of four to five beds in each, an operating room, four bedrooms and other facilities.

On Sunday 23rd May 1937, Mr William Dawkins, aged 86, died in the Hutchinson Hospital. He was a former Gawler Mayor, and one of the original Trustees appointed to administer the will that provided for construction of the Hospital.

Over the years there were several other trusts established which were able to take advantage of the pound for pound offer made by the Government to assist in the operation of the Hospital: John Potts in 1915, James Commons in 1937, John Dingle in 1944 Lydia Helps in 1944 and Ann Magarey in 1947.

In September 1994 the name of the Hutchinson Hospital was changed to "Gawler Health Service Incorporated" and in October 1994 the board relocated its operations to the new public hospital. Proceeds from the sale of the Hutchinson Hospital were paid to the South Australian Health Commission to offset the cost of building and equipping the new public hospital.

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Hutchinson Hospital c1920
Hutchinson Hospital c1920
Hutchinson Hospital, Kitchen c1967.
Hutchinson Hospital, Kitchen c1967.
Hutchinson Hospital, Horscroft Tumble Dryer.
Hutchinson Hospital, Horscroft Tumble Dryer.
Hutchinson Hospital, Drugs Cupboard.
Hutchinson Hospital, Drugs Cupboard.

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