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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business

Street name: Reid
Street suffix: Street
Town or locality: Gawler
Date established: 1939
Ceased operation: 1945
Established by: Hulland T J
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T.J. Hulland was the owner of the Precision Pressed Metal Factory in Gawler. A subsidiary of the company Hulland and Featherstone Tool and Pressed Metal Co. Ltd. 1

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Precision Pressed Metal Company.

It is with great satisfaction “The Bunyip” announces the commencement of a new industry in Gawler, registered as the Precision Pressed Metal Company. The company is situated in the outbuildings of J.T. Hobart, off Reid Street, this property giving good factory facilities, with advantages for expansion, The principal of the firm is Mr. T.J. Hollund, a well-known manufacturer of Adelaide, who in previous years operated as Hulland and Feathersone. Through severe illness, Mr Hulland had to sell his successful Adelaide interest, and conditions of the sale made it that he could not recommence production inside a distance of 25 miles of the capital, hence Gawler’s good fortune.

During the week, the foundations were laid as bedding for the heavy plant, which arrived on Monday, per Bennett, and was immediately put into position, the electrical supplies and the switch-board having previously been installed. Mr. Hulland found the necessity for this, for he has contracted to supply a Defence order not later than Saturday week. The new firm already has work in sight covering the next 2 1/2 years, executing material for a Melbourne mattress makers, and involving a supply of 2 1/2 millions, the product being new to Australian manufacture.

Previously, this article was procured from Czecho-Slovakia. The product of the new company is builders' hardware, comprising all metal fittings for the trade; but Mr. Hulland is not satisfied with this ambition, as he realises that there are big possibilities of meeting peace time trade. The works will start with the employ of five or six juniors, and it is hoped that ere a month goes by, the number will be expanded to ten. As the plant becomes installed and the youths are trained in the work, there are possibilities of great employment, as at the time of sale of the Adelaide factory Mr. Hulland was giving employment to 76 hands.

On Monday the Mayor (Mr. Wm. Antwis) and the District Member (Mr. Duncan) congratulated the principal on his decision to settle in Gawler, and these townsmen showed their practical interest by turning to and giving the carrier and his men every assistance in the unloading of the heavy machinery. 2

Researched by Margaret Howse and Allen Tiller.

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