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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual

Denise Schumann – Gawler History Team's Chairman Brian Thom’s introduction of her on 2/5/2019...

“I have had the pleasure of working with Denise Schumann OAM for over 8 years; especially over the last 4 years being a member of the Gawler Heritage Collection Committee; with Denise being present at most of the monthly meetings.

Our committee has made every effort to encourage Town of Gawler Council to continually engage Denise for her advise on many aspects of the fine-tuning needed in the planning to achieve the transformation of the Gawler Institute and Gawler Town Hall into the new Gawler Civic Centre.

Whether it be input regarding levels of airconditoning, appropriate lighting, wall colours, the placement of piping, shelving or cabinets, Denise’s determination and input has been consistantly impressive; soas to create many positive outcomes.

Obviously her experience gained from her involvement during the restoration of the Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council building has had a positive benefit for Gawler.

Then we see her expertise in the necessary scanning, recording, display design and storing arrangements of the thousands of Gawler’s historic artifacts, followed by her selection of same to create the “Into the Light” exhibition now to be seen within the old Council Chambers. Wow!!! A magnificent display has been created.

Thank you Denise for your concern, experience and enthusiasm to always seek the best and most artistically correct outcome, so that we all can be extremely proud of the final designs incorporated within Gawler Civic Centre.”


Memories of Schumann OAM Denise

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