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Fast Facts
Type of thing Farming

History of Woodend Farm Old Stock Trough This old stock trough was built on our property at Woodend Farm, approx. 5km north of Gawler, around the 1860. It was on the Sturt Highway at the crossroads of Kapunda & The Barossa The trough was in conjunction with spelling yards for feed & watering teams of camels & horses as people headed north exploring and surveying Australia The water for the trough was taken from a nearby dam, if the dam as dry the water was carted up the hill from the north para river, possibly at the well-known ford that Kingsford received its name.

For a period of time the trough was covered with dirt for preservation then later was carefully excavated, mostly by hand by Alan McDonald. State Heritage have no doubt this trough would have been used by groups of people such as;

  • Afghan Cameleers - there was an aloe plant nearby.
  • Charles Sturt
  • Charles Todd - overland telegraph line 1860.
  • John McDouall Stuart - they camped at Kingsford overnight when Stephen called to see his Dad, Mr Stephen King senior.
  • Stephen King Jr - who travelled with John McDouall Sturt as a botanist & became a trusted friend for John , also did the artwork for his expeditions
  • Royal Mail coach.
  • Cobb & Co coach services - we have a photo of an office at Blinman 1869.
  • Mr George Goyder.
  • John McKinlay - looking for Burke and Wills
  • John Bailey.
  • Mr. Bathwick.
  • Kevin Hogath - 1861
  • David Collier - 1865 - 66

but, because we have been unable to find any written indication that the people above used the trough, we were unable to bring it under Heritage listing. Therefore, due to the upgrade of the Sturt Highway, the trough had to be relocated. Thankfully this was conducted by Gawler Apex Club & funded by Transport SA. The trough has been shifted 500m from the original location.

History and photographs provided by:

Alan & Josephine McDonald.

(We tried with much passion & extreme intent to try and have the trough brought under State Heritage listing, also with the help Adrian Shackley & many other historians.)

Please <click here> to view photos of the Trough.


Memories of Stock Trough Woodend Farm

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