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|Related Articles=Wilkinson, John Charles, Deland Benjamin Edward
|Related Articles=Deland Benjamin Edward, Wilkinson John Charles
|External Links=https://collections.slsa.sa.gov.au/resource/B+11214
|External Links=https://collections.slsa.sa.gov.au/resource/B+11214

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Fast Facts
Also known as: 13 Finniss St
Town or Locality: Gawler
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13 Finniss St, Gawler – acre 99

Information from the Gawler Historical Rates Assessment Database

From Google maps

13 Finniss Google.png

From 1800s map (Plan of Gawler Town and its Suburban Townships, showing routes examined for the proposed railway to Angaston; State records, [C506] Neg GRG 21/24/32) Plan Nº 2):

13 Finniss1800s Map.png

Entries for acre 99 in the Gawler Historical Rates Assessment Database From 1858 up to 1868, listed as vacant land with no owner given.

End Year of assessment Occupier Owner Situation Description Rates Value (Pounds) 1868 Taylor Wm S. Taylor Wm S. Reid & Finniss Streets Land 3 1876 Deland B E Deland B E Finniss Street Residence 35 1878 Deland B E Deland B E Finniss Street Residence 35 1879 Deland B E Deland B E Finniss Street Residence & Garden 50 1880 Deland B E Deland B E Finniss St Residence & Garden 50 1883 Wilkinson J C Dawson's Trustees Finniss Street Residence & Garden 50 1886 Wilkinson J C Wilkinson John C Finniss Street Residence & garden 40 1888 Wilkinson John C. Wilkinson John Chas Moore Street Residence and garden 32 1888 Wilkinson J C Wilkinson John C Finniss Street House & Land 32 1890 Wilkinson J C Wilkinson J C Finniss Street House & land 32 1891 Wilkinson John C Wilkinson John C Finniss Street Residence & garden 40

Years covered in the Database – 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1868, 1875-76, 1877-78, 1878-79, 1882-83, 1885-86, 1887-88, 1889-90, 1890-91 Please note: The information provided represents records as they were entered in the original rates assessment books, as best as we could ascertain. However, we cannot guarantee that mistakes have not been introduced. So, for strict research purposes, the original rates assessment books held at State Records must be taken as the most definitive source of information.

Throughtout this period, BE Deland owned several other properties in the north part of Gawler. The house was probably relatively substantial from the time it was built – the larger houses were often described in the rates records as “residence” with or without “garden”, while smaller ones were described as “cottage” or occasionally “house”. The larger dwellings were fewer in number and, like this house, had rates values of around £35 or more in 1876, while “cottages” had rates values of between £3 and £20.

It looks like Benjamin Edward Deland had the house built sometime between 1869 and 1876. However, we don’t have records for the intervening years, and so you might want to check the land titles to see whether there was another owner prior to 1876. There are real estate ads online describing the house as an “1890s built mansion”. That date is surprising and doesn’t agree with our records. It’s possible that additions were made in the 1890s, although the house was already substantial when built.

The next person to live there was John Charles Wilkinson. Deland and Wilkinson were both mayors of Gawler -

Benjamin Edward Deland – further information here

“Benjamin Edward Deland was Mayor of Gawler from 1885-1886.”


“Benjamin Edward Deland was Mayor of Gawler from 1885-1886. He arrived in South Australia aboard the "Warren Hastings". He was a builder, architect, miller and Mayor of Gawler, Hamly Bridge and Blyth. He was a member of the Congregational Church”

John Charles Wilkinson – further information here

“Mr. Wilkinson was a councillor for five years in Gawler, including Mayor in 1883”

Our records also show that Benjamin Deland owned a number of other properties in Gawler, including a brickyard and also the shop and residence that was rented to John Wilkinson. I can send you more on this, if you are interested.

Thankyou to Dr Helen Wilmore for presenting this information.


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