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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual

Place of birth Ferntree Gully, Victoria
Principal occupation Artist

Carol Pieterse

"Putting Gawler on the Tourism Map"

Carol "Mopsy" Pieterse is the creator of Amazing Arbuckle 2016 a series of pictures, cartoons and comics of the lovable bunny. You can see Arbuckle pictured here, and he is a Netherland dwarf Bunny cross, cross puppy. A Bunny who thinks he's a puppy. Thus the name Amazing Arbuckle!

She was born July 4 over half a century ago in the Country Town of Ferntree Gully, Victoria. She moved to South Australia with her family in the late '70s, attended Salisbury High in the '80s and majored in Art and Psychology. She would come to Gawler with her friends but many years later she actually moved to Gawler in 2007 as her partner and family have been living here for nearly 30 years. "What I love about Gawler is that it has so much to offer as a country town. We have, parklands, markets, shopping, dining and entertainment. And of course the wonderful people of Gawler, many characters."

She enjoys gaming, writing, photography and art and has worked here in Gawler, from the 9 Dragons Chinese restaurant, Pets Domain and the Salvos Opshop store until she had to give up because of medical reasons and now concentrates firmly on the Amazing Arbuckle in Social Media. With his adventures she showcases mainly Gawler but also the Barossa Valley and South Australia. Showing Gawler to the World. She also sells her art worldwide through Arby's Social Media. Arby has a huge following with lots of celebrity Pals following. So Pop over and say hello to them via Facebook and Instagram. Great fun for the kids to catch up on all of Arbuckles Adventures.

First shared on Gawler in PhotographsHumans of Gawler’ series 8 April 2020. Photographs by Daniel James Down. Please click here to visit the Gawler in Photographs Facebook page. Gawler History Team Inc thanks Daniel James Down (Gawler in Photographs) and the subjects of ‘Humans of Gawler’ for allowing us to preserve their profiles and photographs for future generations of Gawlerites to enjoy.

Please click here to view photographs of Carol Pieterse.


Carol "Mopsy" Pieterse
Carol "Mopsy" Pieterse

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