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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 2005

Principal occupation Musician

Emerauld Music

"....some loud singing in the showers while away camping had people telling my parents that I sounded pretty good!" Check out her latest single here:

In 2006 Emily and family including her older sister Kelsie moved to Gawler when she was just one year old. She attended Immanuel Lutheran School Gawler and it was in year 5 that she was given a singing role at the Christmas Concert. Her parents bought her a bright red Ukulele at another of those school functions and with the help of YouTube she taught herself a few songs.

"I remember another camping trip away, sitting in the back of a ute singing Riptide to my parents and not long after that, at age 11, I started vocal lessons with Dallas Davenport." The support and encouragement that she received from Dallas and Mr Hueppauff from Immanuel really cemented her motivation in music. The school entered Eisteddfods, had her perform for local radio BBBfm 89.1, the Gawler Fringe Festivals and various performances at other school events. Between all of those activities she started guitar & piano lessons and she also started busking and soon enough was asked to perform paid sets/gigs.

"I remember going to the ‘Open Mic’ at The Prince Albert Hotel Gawler which is run by local music legend Crafty Music Man. This was a turning point for me because I then started weekly Guitar lessons with him. My Mum says they’re ‘music lessons’ from my ‘creative mentor’ because there are times when the guitar doesn’t come out of the case but I’m learning something musically important! Crafty is super creative, motivating and his music knowledge is amazing". Nearing the end of Primary School she was encouraged to apply for a scholarship in music at a few of the Special Interest Music Schools in Adelaide. She had Marryatville High School as her preference and following auditions and interviews was offered a spot to commence in year 8.

"Honestly right there, I thought all my dreams had come true, I was so excited!" What followed has been 10 classes of music per week, add in trumpet lessons, various choirs, bands, outside lessons for vocals, guitar, piano and a ton of travel from Gawler to Kensington. Music, music, music with a bit of Math, English & Science thrown in. There were times when it was so hard to sustain all of that and she started to question if it was even the right decision all this and she's only in year 9! "Truth is I couldn’t have done it without my family’s support and not just my parents, my extended family all support me. There’s always a Family crowd whenever I perform and I would not be where I am without them, they rock!" Songwriting & making her own music is now her focus, she loves it!

She has recently recorded her first single, "What can I Say" and uploaded it to triple j for the triple j Unearthed High competition where it received positive feedback from the Triple J team that has just blown her away & motivated her to keep writing new original music. That single was released on Spotify, Apple Music etc on Monday 19th October. She is headed back in to Stone Shed Studio with producer, Michael Cutayar mid November to start work on her next track.

"Year 10 next year! More writing, hopefully live music comes back, start applying for grants to get more songs recorded and re-enter that Unearthed High comp again!"

First shared on Gawler in PhotographsHumans of Gawler’ series 11 November 2020.

Photographs by Daniel James Down. Please click here to visit the Gawler in Photographs Facebook page.

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Emerauld Music  - Emilie Suter
Emerauld Music - Emilie Suter

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