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Type of person Individual

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E.H.Coombe M.P. [E.H.C.] "History of Gawler" p307 "Chas. Ayling, born at Walkerville October 6, 1855, and is the eldest son of the late Mr. Wm. Ayling. Came to this neighbourhood with his parents in 1856. Was C.R. and Secretary of the Rose of Gawler Tent I.O. Rechabites, Grandmaster of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows in S.A.

Is Clerk and Overseer of Works of District Councils of Mudla Wirra South [27 years] and Munno Para East, and of Gawler South (since its formation). Director of Gawler Starr-Bowkett Society, and Secretary Loyal Victoria Lodge, G.U.O.O.F."

JAS2015-"William Ayling was born in 1832 and died 8th August 1903 at Henley Beach. He married 16th May 1854 in Adelaide to Mary Ann Ward - their children [1] Charles 6/10/1855; [2] Henry William 19th June 1858; [3] William James 25th March 1861 [d 19/12/1862]; [4] Maria 11/11/1863; [5] Alfred Alaric 22/8/1866; [6] Walter 8/1/1869; [7] Mary 7/1/1872; and [8] Sarah 21/2/1878.

[E.H.C.] p67 Gawler South Council - est. 1900 "Mr. Charles Ayling has been Clerk and Overseer ever since the establishment of the Council."

[E.H.C.] p68 appointed "November 22, 1880" ..."On January 3, 1906, a social and presentation was tendered to Mr. C Ayling in celebration of the 25th anniversary of his appointment as Clerk."

[E.H.C.] p205 Independent Order of Rechabites "The succeeding Secretaries have been ... Chas. Ayling..."

[E.H.C.] p209 Grand United Order of Oddfellows "The present officers (October 1908) are:....Bro.C.Ayling P.G.M.(Secretary and Treasurer) - Mr. Ayling has held this position for 25 years;"

Gawler Agricultural Society - [E.H.C] P221 "elected at the annual meeting February 13, 1908.....Horticultural and Floricultural Committee...C. Ayling..."

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