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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual

Place of birth Salisbury South Australia
Principal occupation Manager, Musician.

Tim Bishop - The Exchange Hotel

"If there is something you want to do, its something you believe in and it's not hurting anyone one.... Then f@&k it, go and do it"

Tim is a manager and mixologist at The Exchange Hotel. But as well as creating awesome cocktail and drinks for the punters he is also lead singer in the band Those Left Behind an Adelaide heavy band fusing elements of groove, hardcore and metal. He was previously in other heavy metal bands like Thrown to The Wolves and Strength Of A Bear who were also Metal and Hardcore bands. He'd play regularly in Adelaide at places like The Crown and Anchor and Enigma Bar.

Born in Salisbury he went to schools such as St Augustines and Blackfriars before finishing his schooling at Xavier College Gawler

Family is important to Tim and when he isn’t pulling beers he loves spending time with his family and listening to music with some of his favourite bands ranging from Metal like Sepultura, Slayer, Hatebreed all the way to 90's gangster rap like Easy E, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

He likes the relaxed lifestyle and easy-going nature of Gawler but is more than happy to get out into the thick of it in the City. "You could say my signature drink is my Espresso Martinis, which are quite famous!"

First shared on Gawler in PhotographsHumans of Gawler’ series 23 September 2020.

Photographs by Daniel James Down. Please click here to visit the Gawler in Photographs Facebook page.

Gawler History Team Inc thanks Daniel James Down (Gawler in Photographs) and the subjects of ‘Humans of Gawler’ for allowing us to preserve their profiles and photographs for future generations of Gawlerites to enjoy.

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