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Fast Facts
Address: 155 Murray Street
Town or Locality: Gawler
Year constructed: 1868
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The Exchange Hotel, 155 Murray Street, Gawler, South Australia, was first licensed in 1868, with Mr Theodore Kneese the nominated Licensee.

The Exchange was originally a single storey building with the Licensee and family residing below the Hotel in rather unique and spacious surroundings.

Although much of the below ground furnishings have long since disappeared the old wood stove, in what was once the kitchen, still remains.

Gawler in the early 1900’s represented a day’s travel by horse and cart from Adelaide, and, to accommodate the needs of the weary traveller, another story was added to the Exchange Hotel.

Licensees of the Exchange have been many, but is worth noting that the Mulligan’s who held the Licence from April 1925 until April 1964, actually brewed and sold their own beer on the premises. Unfortunately all that remains of the beer is a single bottle label. The Exchange has undergone many changes over the years. In the 1980’s the then Licensee, Peter Holness, acquired the adjoining Motor Cycle Shop and transformed it into a Licensed Bottle Shop.

Whilst the original façade remains, the interior of the Hotel is a shadow of its former self. The small welcoming Saloons have been replaced by open space containing numerous digital televisions and poker machines. Some may say it is merely progress.

I wonder.

Written by Scott and Diane Fraser

The following information has been gathered with permission from “Hotels and Publicans in South Australia” by J.L. (Bob) Hoad Adelaide 1986 ISBN 0 86745 002 9 and ISBN 0 9595446 2 3

EXCHANGE HOTEL 155 Murray Street, Gawler

1868 Kneese Theodore

1869 – 1873 Kneese T.

1873 Thompson C.

1874 – 1876 von Allworden Louis

1877 – 1880 Frankel F.

1881 – 1882 Murphy M.

1883 - 1886 Peisker Paul

1886 – 1901 Lucas C.J.

1902 Burden H.W.P.

1903 – 1906 Nenke H.B.

1906 – 18.2.1907 Neske Chas.

19.2.1907 – 1922 Howard Michael Joseph

1923 Read F.

1924 White F.

1924 – 21.4.1925 Sanderson H.G.

22.4.1925 – 20.10.1940 Mulligan Clarence Thomas Leeder

21.10.1940 – 3.4.1964 Mulligan Edith Ivy

4.4.1964 – 20.8.1968 Gleeson Allan McEllister & Pauline Mary

21.8.1968 – 19.2.1970 Gleeson Allan McEllister

20.2.1970 – 9.1.1971 Brown Stanley Charles & Gertrude Nellie Rozelle

10.1.1971 – 23.10.1977 Nottage Howard Claude & Kathleen Valda
24.10.1977 - 30.11.1978 Nottage Howard Claude
1.12.1978 - 22.10.1980 Sichler Brian George Everard & Monica Joan

23.10.1980 – 14.5.1981 Richardson John Francis

15.5.1981 – 28.12.1981 Richardson Harold Gilbert

29.12.1981 – 1984 - ? Holness Peter Thomas

For more photos of the Exchange Hotel, please click here.

In July 2018, Damian McGee addressed us on the history of the Exchange Hotel and the video of his address can be seen click here.

Please <click here> and <click here> to view slides used during Damien McGee's presentation.


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