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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1823
Place of birth Boston, Lincolnshire, England
Date of arrival 1856
Principal occupation Auctioneer
Date of departure 1889
Date of death 1908
Place of decease Parkside

Edward Clement - Mayor 1869 and 1870

Edward Clement was born in Boston, Lincolnshire, England on July 19, 1823 to Edward Gottlieb and Hannah Clement. Edward arrived in South Australia in 1854, and came to Gawler two years later. Initially an auctioneer in the town, he subsequently became a chaff produce merchant. Edward's first wife, Sarah Woodward, "was borne of Christian resignations" but died 16th November 1866 at age 35 after "a severe affliction" and was one of the first interments at the Willaston Cemetery. Three years later he married Julia Weaver of St. Marys, and they had eight children.

His home was situated on the corner of Jacob and Reid Streets and in c1872 he planted the tree which eventually became Gawler's Christmas Tree, and used as such until it was cut down in c2002.

Clement owned one of the two omnibuses that commenced running between Gawler and the railway station in 1865; the old Celerity. Also, in 1864, with Mr. James Martin, Edward was appointed trustee for “the purpose of conveying certain lands donated by the proprietors of the Gawler Special Survey”.

Described in George Loyau’s Gawler Handbook as one of the town’s most “vigorous” citizens, Mr. Clement was heavily involved with many of Gawler’s activities. He was a committeeman and President of the Gawler Institute – donating the foundation stone for its erection, was treasurer of the Gawler Branch of the Bible Society, Lieutenant of the Gawler Rifles under Captain James Martin, a member of the Agricultural Society and of the Gawler School Board of Advice, as well as being a trustee of the Gawler Methodist Church and President of the Gawler Temperance League. It was somewhat incongruous that despite being a staunch Methodist and heavily connected to the Temperance League, he was Publican of the Gawler Arms Hotel from 1857 to 1866.

A councillor through the 1860's, and Mayor in 1869 and 1870, Edward moved to Adelaide in 1889 and conducted business there, after he and his wife received a public farewell and presentation from the citizens of Gawler. Also a Justice of the Peace and hotellier, Mr. Clement died at Parkside on October 19, 1908, and is buried in West Terrace Cemetery in Adelaide.

According to David Taplin in his address to Gawler History Team 10/2019 re Tod Street Methodist Church, he said "In August 1867 building work began with the formal laying of foundation stone at the south-east corner with considerable ceremony. The stone was a large slab of slate from the quarry of Mr Clement who donated the general building stone as well."

GHT members believe that his quarry was situated in the hill abutting Mount Terrace, Gawler South, behind where the "Snowy" Miller slaughter yards were situated.

E.H.Coombe MP "History of Gawler 1837 - 1908" page 85 says re Gawler Institute "The land on which the building is erected was given by the late Thomas Martin and by the Hon. James Martin. Mr. Edward Clement gave the stones." Page 88 states that E. Clement was President of the Institute in 1862, 1871, 1872, and 1873.

Edward Clement was elected Gawler Councillor for South Ward 1860 to 1864 and again in 1866. He was elected Mayor of Gawler 1869 to 1870.

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