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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual

Ash Storey from - Warrior Fitness

"The person that says they can and the person that says they can’t are both usually right, just depends on who you really want to be" Ash Storey was born in Adelaide and did the majority of his schooling at Trinity however he completed the remainder of year 11 and year 12 at Northern Adelaide Senior College He works for himself as he owns and runs Warrior Fitness formally known as ‘Ash’s Fitness & Conditioning’ and has had this business for almost a year and a half now! He has always been in Gawler and has never even moved to a new house. He has early memories of his front yard being dirt and the newer area of Hewett still being a paddock. From then he has watched Gawler transform and change drastically over his entire life. When he was 11 and 12 years old he was the paper boy of Hewett and he used to fold and deliver 420 papers every week to everyone in the surrounding area.

"I love the scenery in Gawler, we have amazing parklands, creeks, abandoned / heritage buildings everywhere which really gives off the easygoing vibe that Gawler has, Gawler is evolving so quickly and is becoming better as time goes on in my opinion, there is more of a community basis within Gawler and a lot of local talents are being seen." His hobbies include competing and training in Strongman competitions, BMX riding, Long-Boarding and hiking.

First shared on Gawler in Photographs ‘Humans of Gawler’ series 6 May 2020.

Photographs by Daniel James Down. Please click here to visit the Gawler in Photographs Facebook page.

Gawler History Team Inc thanks Daniel James Down (Gawler in Photographs) and the subjects of ‘Humans of Gawler’ for allowing us to preserve their profiles and photographs for future generations of Gawlerites to enjoy.

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Ash Storey DJ Down 1
Ash Storey DJ Down 1

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