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Olexij Straschko - Western Ridge Brewing Collective

"Winemaking got me into the passion of fermentation..." Olexij is one of a collective of brewers at Western Ridge Brewing in Nuriootpa. He lived in Pt Augusta with family as his dad was a teacher there for 20 years before they moved to Gawler up the hill on Alexander Ave. He was schooled at Trinity College South Australia and this is where he was really interested in winemaking. After school, he tried for a business degree which he hated before moving on to a master's of environmental policy and management.

"Helping people, not chasing dollars" He currently works for two not-for-profit organisations, one in youth mental health and one in social services.

"Essentially 5 brewers making beer in a shed..." Western Ridge Brewing is a grassroots collective of 5 brewers. These 5 brewers came together to share their brewing and beer ideas. basically, the brand was already there... Western Ridge has a saloon-style, spaghetti western atmosphere and even has saloon-style doors that you can swing open and stride through (if you wish - tumbleweeds not included). The beers brewed there really reflect the diversity of the brewers through their stouts, IPA's, amber ales, and even a Riesling! The beer menu always changes, it's definitely seasonal.

"Having a small pop-up bar in Gawler would be a really good thing" When he's not helping people in the community with their mental health he enjoys a healthy dose of gardening focusing on natives and his Bonsai. He also loves and selling and teaching all about hop rhizomes (tiny root cuttings from a mature female hop plant). Some of his favourite and recommended SA craft beers come from such places as Ministry of Beer, and Smiling Samoyed Brewery, as well as sharing ideas home brews with close friends.

First shared on Gawler in Photographs ‘Humans of Gawler’ series 21 September 2022.

Photographs by Daniel James Down. Please click here to visit the Gawler in Photographs Facebook page.

Gawler History Team Inc thanks Daniel James Down (Gawler in Photographs) and the subjects of ‘Humans of Gawler’ for allowing us to preserve their profiles and photographs for future generations of Gawlerites to enjoy.

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Olexij Straschko  DJ Down 1
Olexij Straschko DJ Down 1

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