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Type of event Commemoration

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Rev David MacGillivray’s address for 2015 Anzac Day at Pioneer Park.

“I remember as a child there were some events or feelings so strong that only a parent could bring comfort.

As a father now myself I have the privilege of being that comfort for my two young daughters; when the fall off the bike or the bad dream need the reassurance of a parent.

Sometimes it’s the calling out, “Daaaaad!! She’s not being fair!” With the full expectation that Dad will make it right.

Sometimes the night time fears and worries are so overwhelming that all I can do is gather my precious one in my arms and say, “its okay, Dad’s here, I’ve got you".

Well, even as a dad I know that my powers of influence are limited (increasingly so as my daughters grow up.) Already there have been times when I’ve had to say, “I’m sorry my love, but there’s nothing I can do…”

That’s how it can feel can’t it – as we look at our broken world, even on a day like today as we gather as a united community and celebrate the enduring human spirit, as we spend time in remembrance of such trying times we can feel helpless, hopeless. And we long for someone to come and gather it all up and make it right.

It’s a deep longing we have in our hearts.

For peace. Rightness in our world. In our lives.

That is when we must remember our heavenly Father; Our Refuge, our Strength. Firmer and more stable than the earth itself.

We can stand firm in Him and trust him, not only to hold us, but to hold the ones we love; even the ones we have lost.

So we turn to God, our Heavenly Father, in prayer now and call on Him to grant peace to the troubled souls, comfort to the grieving and endurance for those who seek to follow the example set by those who gave their lives in sacrificial love.”

Let’s pray: Prayer of Remembrance

O Heavenly Father, who holdest all souls in life, we commend again to Thy loving mercy the brave and faithful dead who laid down their lives in the wars.

We bless Thee for their courage and their sacrifice.

Grant them Thy peace and joy in Thine unending Kingdom. To all who mourn them, give grace to abide in Thy will, in fortitude of spirit and in perfect faith.

And grant that we who remain, following their example of faithfulness and endurance, may be worthy of their sacrifice and share with them the everlasting life which Thou has promised through Thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Rev David MacGillivray Coordinating Chaplain RAVE Teacher Trinity College Senior & North Direct telephone: 08 8522 0625

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Please click here and follow the prompts to download slideshow "Gawler ANZACs 1915" We appreciate the work that has been put into the compilation of this slideshow and thank RSL past president EW Clarke and Web-master Beth Page for their efforts and willingness to share with us all.

Gawler Centenary of Anzac commemorative service 19April2015 (1)
Gawler Centenary of Anzac commemorative service 19April2015 (1)

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