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Fast Facts
Address: 1 Adelaide Road
Town or Locality: Gawler South
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This single-storey double-fronted Federation era Edwardian bungalow is located on the Para River with a generously landscaped setting and features Art Nouveau timber detailing.

It is constructed of overpainted rendered masonry and brick, roughcast to the walls and smooth to quoins and dressings.

The Dutch gable roof is clad with corrugated metal and features two projecting bays to the façade, each with a gable over the main roof. Windows are timber-framed casement sashes with leaded glass and door include leaded sidelights and fanlight.

The bungalow features tapered chimneys, banded and with a roughcast finish. A wide return verandah is an extension of the main roof and is supported on heavy timber posts with carved timber brackets.

The front boundary features the original rendered wall and piers with cast-iron railing. Set within the front garden setback is a timber ‘cottage’ structure on wagon base, originally used as a florist outlet.


Likely established in the early 1900s, this Federation-era bungalow is an excellent example of a structure with Edwardian detailing.

Set within an area of early Victorian-era development, it demonstrates a later phase of growth which occurred as a result of the successful commercial and industrial development in the area at the time.

The dwelling’s high level of craftsmanship, large set back from the street and well-maintained garden setting are significant as an intact, quality example of an uncommon typology.

Its prominent location adjacent the Para River is reinforced by the high level of workmanship.


Gawler South was surveyed and subdivided for sale in 1858, following completion of the main railway to Gawler in 1857. With the new railway terminus located in Bassett Town, to the south of the main township, Adelaide Road was anticipated as the principle link between the two.

Originally named ‘Murray Street’ on the registered plan, the portion of Adelaide Road was also later named ‘William Street’. The site, Portion of Allotment 22 of Section 3 of Gawler South occupied prime position adjacent to the Para River crossing.

Mervin Eime, local Chaff and Wood Merchant was in ownership of the allotment in February 1907 which at that time extended to the Tenth Street corner. The property then transferred to Draper, Michel Hambour of Gawler South, in February 1915. It was purchased in 1923 by Gottlieb Daniel Noack, Gardener, and subdivided at that time; the divided portion being transferred to the Churches of Christ Evangelistic Union. The subject property transferred to Eric Daniel Noack, Florist, in 1953.

The date of construction of the house is unknown, however it would appear to date from the 1910s to early 20s.

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This report has been prepared by the following people:

• Nancy Cromar (Flightpath Architects)

• Deborah Morgan (Flightpath Architects)

• Kate Paterson (Flightpath Architects)

• Douglas Alexander (Flightpath Architects)

The study team would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following people:

• David Petruzzella (Strategic Planner; Town of Gawler)

• Jacinta Weiss (Cultural Heritage Centre Coordinator; Town of Gawler)

• Jane Strange (Senior Development and Strategic Policy Officer; Town of Gawler)

Gawler History Team thanks: Flightpath Architects, Ryan Viney and the Town of Gawler for allowing us access to this important document of Gawler History.


  • LTO Certificate of Title CT 758/128
  • LTO Certificate of Title CT 1297/135
  • Presgrave ‘Plan of Gawler Town South being Section no.3 in the Gawler Special Survey’ 1858.
Adelaide Road 1
Adelaide Road 1

Memories of Adelaide Road 1

Brian Thom remembers: From 1958 to 1960 I went each week to 1 Adelaide Road to visit Miss Frieda Noack, who lived there. She was a piano teacher who tried to teach me to play the piano. She gave up on me responding positively to any piano theory lessons and so she concentrated on me being able to play a few tunes fairly well. My preferences were the tunes "Campanella" and "Fur Elice" and I had to play them at her December Christmas concert. My mother thought it important that I had this experience in music as a 13 year old and, in hindsight, the experience has proved positive for me for the rest of my life.

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