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Fast Facts
Address: 41 Adelaide Road
Town or Locality: Gawler South
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This pair of attached cottages and corner store address the Adelaide Road frontage, with a parapeted shopfront on the street boundary and cottages set further back to enable a verandah. The shopfront is constructed of overpainted stone with overpainted brick dressings and parapet, which has undergone a later 1930s treatment with a block crowstepped detail built above the original front wall.

The roof form includes a Dutch gable to the shop and hipped over the cottages, clad with corrugated metal. Windows to the shop are fixed multipaned sashes with arched heads, while windows to the cottages are timberframed, double-hung multipaned sashes.

The doors to the cottages are timber-framed with fanlights, while the shop features a timber doorset with non-original screen.

The concave verandah to the corner store is clad with corrugated metal and is supported on heavy timber posts, while the verandah to the cottages is supported on timber posts with cast-iron frieze and brackets.

A later steel fence encloses the verandah and defines the front boundary.


Constructed during the second half of the nineteenth century, the corner shop and attached cottages at 41 Adelaide Road demonstrate the commercial and residential development of the surrounding subdivisions of Gawler during the mid-Victorian era, a time of substantial growth in population and industry which was peaking at the time.

Investors sought opportunity in the prominence of the main road connecting Adelaide and the Gawler Railway Station with the Gawler township and developing affordable accommodation options close to industry located nearby.

The corner shop has provided retail service to the surrounding residents and travelling population for over 100 years.

The design characteristics of the small attached cottages are able to demonstrate the particular requirement for compact affordable dwellings in response to local residential and industrial growth in Gawler during the mid-to-late nineteenth century.


Fifteen Acres of Section 8 of the Gawler Special Survey was purchased by William Bassett in 1845 with additional land purchased in 1854 for farming.

Bassett realised the land value with the opening of the Adelaide to Gawler railway in 1857 and his land adjacent to the east of the Station was surveyed and subdivided for sale as ‘Bassett Town’ in 1858.

With the new railway terminus located distant from the main Gawler township, Adelaide Road (then named Murray/William Street) was anticipated as the principal link between the two.

As well as the residences being established along the corridor, a number of supporting business premises were established to service the substantial local population and industry growth which occurred, particularly during the last three decades of the nineteenth century.

The original owner and developer of the shop and cottages is unknown.

Allotment 47 and Part Lot 45 at the intersection of George Street (now Twentieth Street) and William Street (now Adelaide Road) were transferred to Gawler Draper, Antony Mattei in 1914 and then family members as executors of his will in 1960.

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This report has been prepared by the following people:

• Nancy Cromar (Flightpath Architects)

• Deborah Morgan (Flightpath Architects)

• Kate Paterson (Flightpath Architects)

• Douglas Alexander (Flightpath Architects)

The study team would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following people:

• David Petruzzella (Strategic Planner; Town of Gawler)

• Jacinta Weiss (Cultural Heritage Centre Coordinator; Town of Gawler)

• Jane Strange (Senior Development and Strategic Policy Officer; Town of Gawler)

Gawler History Team thanks: Flightpath Architects, Ryan Viney and the Town of Gawler for allowing us access to this important document of Gawler History.



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Adelaide Road 41
Adelaide Road 41

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