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Fast Facts
Type of thing Government

Place made Gawler
Place used Gawler Cultural Heritage Centre

Gawler Cultural Heritage Centre - Archive eHive Collection. Gawler History Team Inc. has been given permission to share links to the collection of the Gawler Cultural Heritage Centre. This page contains links to individual items in the Archive collection. For more information on accessing these items, please see the paragraph at the bottom of the page.

Please click the relevant link below to visit the item within the Gawler Cultural Heritage Centre eHive.

<Gawler Institute Literary Societies' Union Programme; Bunyip Press; c1905>

<Plan of the Gawler recreation grounds.>

<Reproduction of the Proclamation of the Town of Gawler Mrs Lynette Dibben JP>

<Dr Popham's - an obituary; Bunyip Press; 1871>

<Edwin Rice Family of South Australia (Family History)>

<Little of how it was true trails tribulations; Elliott M. Wohling> Oral History

<Letter written to his Grandmother; Alfred James Birks>

<Gawler Coat of Arms: a compilation>

<James Martin; a compilation of information VOL: 1>

<William Light> - Surveying Maps.

<Max Fatchen>

<Oral history interview transcript - J. C. Cooper>

<The representation men of South Australia; George E. Loyau; 1880>

The Gawler Heritage Collection comprises of three unique collections: The Gawler Institute Archives Collection, The Gawler Local History Collection and The Gawler Civic Collection. While these collections are primarily paper-based (including photographic records), there are also many historical objects such as portraits, paintings, maps, plans and textiles and colonial paintings.

To visit the Gawler Heritage Collection online resource Ehive, regarding the archive collection, please <click here>

For detailed enquiries on this subject, please contact the Cultural Heritage Centre:


Phone: (08) 8522 9268

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