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Town or Locality: Gawler
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BISHOP / SUTTON STREETS (GAWLER) The ‘Bishop St’ referred to in old maps of Gawler is not the current one in Gawler East. This one was in the suburb of Gawler and part of it has been retained as ‘Sutton St’ (a street of this name was previously perpendicular to Bishop St and no longer exists as a street).

The maps below show where the Street was situated.

Researched by: Dr Helen Wilmore


Gawler Historical Rates Assessment Database

52 Cheek Avenue

Gawler East, SA 5118

Tel: 08 8522 3019

Gawler Environment & Heritage Assoc. Inc.

C/- 42 Finniss St

Gawler SA 5118

2020 Google map:
“Plan of Gawler Town and its Suburban Townships, showing routes examined for the proposed railway to Angaston; Plan Nº 2.; Taxation department”. Original located at State records, [C506] Neg GRG 21/24/32.
“Plan of Gawlertown and its Suburban Townships; compiled by George Warren 1863; Taxation Department”:
“Plan of Gawlertown: Plan edited from LTO GRO 138/1863 – Plus details of original ownership of Gawler lots” (ie this map was produced using the above map)
“Frearson’s Plan of Gawler Town and its Suburban Townships”


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