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The Fred Brooks Photograph Collection contains photographs of the Gawler Airfield and associated bunkers and communications buildings, R.A.A.F. and W.A.A.A.F service personal, aircraft, buildings and other historical items

Ayling, R.A. Goodger, Elliot Newman, W.A.
Back, Ralph Graetz, Len Norton, D.
Beaty, Don Greaves (Duldig), Vi Parham, Murray
Binns (Thom), Edna Harkness, Albert E. Pointon, Don
Bossisto (Graue), Nita C. Harkness, G. Laurie, J. Pratt, Alwin J.
Bradshaw, Doug B. Harkness, Max H. Pring, Doug A.G.
Brian, B. Cornelius Harris, Rae Radcliffe, N. Ralph
Brooks, Fred Hartshorne, Kelvin Rix, Edward
Brooks, G. Hill, Arthur Roberts, Peter C.
Brooks, H. Arthur Hill, Denzil O. Robinson, R. Keith
Brown, Pat Hogben, Ross S. Ronan, D.J.
Bull, Rae Holmes, George and C.T. Saint (Bidmeade), Sylvia
Caller (Priess), Zetta Hurst, Eric and Dawn Sims, Murray G.
Campbell, Mrs Jarmyn, Alec R. Siostrom, Graham
Carrick, Phil Keith, Alf Siostrom, J. Maxwell
Casson, Flo Keith, Clive Siostrom, Lee
Chenoweth, Henry Killian, Jack A. Siostrom, Mervyn V.
Clausen (Dohnt), Pat Kimpton, Lionel P. Slade, L.G.
Cleland, Peter Kimpton, Murray M. Smith, Keith
Cockshell, Cyril A. Krieg, E.H. Sweeney, Don
Colton, Brian Kuchel, Malcolm Symes, Alf and Jessie
Colton, Don Lally, R.T. Symes, Arthur
Colton, Geof Leak, Ken Symes, John T.
Cornish, Alan Leak, Lloyd C. Tape, Kenneth E.
Counche, Bert Lewis, Barry Tierney, Gordon
Croft, Stan Lodge (Duldig), Roma Treloar, Don G.
Dawkins, Arthur W.G. Lodge, Jim P. Treloar, Jean
Dawkins, D.C. Lucas, Chris Ward, Bernie
Dawkins, Max Lucas, Eric H. Ward Howard
Dawkins, Rex Lucas, R.E. Ward, J.W.
Downing, Ross Lucas, Reg Weaver, Cyril
Driesner, Murray McGahan, Gabrial G. Weaver, Lloyd
Dunn, Jack McGahan, M. Gordon White, P.
Ey (Gregory), Beryl McLean, Noel Wikin, Graham
Ey, Sid Meaney, Stan Williams, A.C.W.
Gallaher, Bob Menz, A.C. Williams, J.
Gallaher, George Mewett, Alan W. Window, Clarrie E.
Garden, Harry Mold, Frank C.G. Window, Cyril S.
Garden, Tom M. Mold, Henry C.W. Window, Les B.W.
Geue, Eric L. Moore, H.L. Wittwer, Cliff
Goodger, Cliff Morgan, Mal Woite, Cliff

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Photographs in this collection scanned by Ian McDonnell

Alphabetized name listing: Allen Tiller.

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