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Fast Facts
Address: 12 Cameron Street
Town or Locality: Gawler
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This small single-storey double-fronted cottage is an example of a mid-Victorian-era worker’s cottage. The cottage is constructed of overpainted stone rubble with overpainted brick quoins. The transverse gabled roof is clad with corrugated metal, with parapeted gable ends featuring overpainted brick copings. Windows are timber-framed, double-hung multipaned sashes to either side of a central panelled timber door with fanlight. The concave verandah is clad with corrugated galvanised iron and is supported on timber posts with castiron corner brackets. A rendered stone wall with painted brick arched coping and a non-original cyclone wire gate defines the front boundary.


Constructed around 1859, the cottage at 12 Cameron Street, Gawler, is associated with the intense settlement phase of the original Gawler township subdivision. Small, modest worker’s cottages were developed throughout this area during the mid-Victorian era as a result of the burgeoning population on the back of heightened agricultural and industrial activity. Many of the cottages such as these were commonly constructed hurriedly by land owners for lease to new arrivals, labourers ad tenancy rather than ownership. Of local materials, the stone cottage contributes to the harmonious streetscape.


The Town of Gawler was first surveyed and planned by Light, Finnis & Co in 1839 as part of the Gawler Special Survey sponsored by a syndicate of wealthy investors including Henry Dundas Murray, John Reid and others. The original town plan devised by Light and laid out by William Jacob comprised 240 acres, made up of 100 acres of allotments (as 200 half-acre allotments) and 140 acres of streets, parklands, city squares, churches, cemeteries and other public places. Each of the original Special Survey investors was allocated township blocks along with their country acres, proportionate to the extent of their investment.

Allotment 35, flanked by Jacob Street and Cameron Street formed part of the original 1839 subdivision of Gawler Town. Allotment 35 was first allocated to survey proprietor John Reid. The date of construction is unknown, however, rate assessments record that in 1858 Allotment 35 contained an ‘unfinished 2 roomed cottage’ owned and occupied by Thomas Allen. In 1859 Allen is recorded (with ‘Duffield’?) as owner of a ‘4 roomed stone house’.

Thereafter the allotment included three rateable buildings. The earliest available Certificate of Title indicates that Thomas Allen, a labourer, owned the property in 1879, which later passed on to his son, a carter, in 1901.

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This report has been prepared by the following people:

• Nancy Cromar (Flightpath Architects)

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• Kate Paterson (Flightpath Architects)

• Douglas Alexander (Flightpath Architects)

The study team would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following people:

• David Petruzzella (Strategic Planner; Town of Gawler)

• Jacinta Weiss (Cultural Heritage Centre Coordinator; Town of Gawler)

• Jane Strange (Senior Development and Strategic Policy Officer; Town of Gawler)

Gawler History Team Inc. thanks: Flightpath Architects, Ryan Viney and the Town of Gawler for allowing us access to this important document of Gawler History.



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Cameron Street 12
Cameron Street 12

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