Gawler Historical Account 1860/1880

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Type of thing Personal
Date made or found 1880

The information contained in this booklet (without the two illustrations) can also be found in George Loyau’s The Gawler Handbook: a record of the rise and progress of that important town.

The edition you see here was possibly issued as a school textbook.

Loyau’s Gawler Handbook formed, in part, the basis upon which E H Coombe compiled the History of Gawler, 1837-1908. Derek Whitelock’s book, Gawler, Colonel Light’s Country Town” (1989), also draws on parts of Loyau and Coombe.

Click here to read recollections of Gawler from Dr Nott 1860 and G.E. Loyau 1880

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Gawler Historical Account

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