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Type of event Establishment

Town or locality Gawler
Date occurred or began 2019/05/02

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The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed. launch 2nd May 2019.

Ladies and gentlemen, over the last 8 years, the Gawler History Team Incorporated has significantly benefitted by the expertise and vision of Dr Darren Peacock, who assisted us to create our first website

We acknowledge Darren’s passion for towns like Gawler to showcase its photographic history and articles for the world to see. We are thrilled that we now have over 21,000 such items available on the website template that Darren Peacock created for us to use.

The time had come, however, for the website layout to be modernized so that current technology is effectively embraced; especially when people are using their mobile phones to a much greater extent. Accordingly, the decision was made to create a new website to accommodate that need for clarity and simplicity, and a website that we are able to be in complete control of; especially when cyber gremlins invade periodically to cause problems.

The challenge to create the new website was taken up and I acknowledge the expertise of David Ward, Tim Kipling and Raff Stomaci who took on the role to create

With the assistance of Paul Barnet and Ian McDonnell and other Gawler History Team members, I believe that the end result truly satisfies the objectives we set.

Before I ask Mayor Redman to officially launch I ask Darren Peacock to address us, CEO of Town of Gawler Henry Inat to address us and then Raff Stomanci to give us an insight into the technological problems faced by David, Tim and Raff.

Please welcome Dr. Darren Peacock, the creator of nowandthen.

It gives me great pleasure to invite the CEO of the Town of Gawler, Henry Inat to say a few words.

I now ask Raff Stomaci to address us on the challenges the technical team faced.

It gives me great pleasure to invite mayor Karen Redman to officially launch

Brian Thom – Chairman – Gawler History Team Inc.

Please <click here> to view a Bunyip newspaper clipping announcing the launch of the new Gawler History Team Inc. website. The article was printed in The Bunyip May 8th 2019.

We thank The Bunyip for allowing us to display their article.


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