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Hairdressing – History of Hairdressing in Gawler

Many of the colourful characters that have contributed to Gawler's rich tapestry as hairdressers have now passed on. A relatively small number of tonsilatory artists have literally touched all the residents of the town over a period of 175 years.

Trends and styles have come and gone but the folklore that surrounded this relatively select industry needs to be documented before it is lost forever.

There are not too many of the hairdressers left to draw on for information but thanks to Trove, and the scanning of copies of the Bunyip newspaper, we are able to glean much of the goings on in those dens of haircuts, beard trims and shaves, tall stories and information sharing.

There has been a number of names that have enjoyed longevity in the hairdressing trade. Rawling and Freak, a business that closed in 1978 after 93 years continuous trading with just 4 owners. Other families including Couche, Gwynne and Martin saw more than one generation take on the trade.

They were mostly referred to as hairdressers and predominately men's services were mentioned in the Bunyip advertising. Some offered women's hairdressing services and this included visits to the privacy of your own home. The term “Barber” was seldom used, possibly because many of the original hairdressers were London trained and too refined for that term.

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