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Fast Facts
Also known as: Globe Inn, Globe Hotel
Address: 32 Murray Street
Town or Locality: Gawler
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The Globe Inn opened in 1851 and was known under this name until 1875 when it changed its Name to the Globe Hotel.

Under this name the Hotel played an important part in Gawler's history. On September 6th 1867, a group of men, including the Mayor of Gawler, Mr. Wendt of Wendts Jewelers, two of his assistants and invited guests congregated at the hotel to raise a toast to the Clocktower across the road which they had just set in motion for the first time. It had just struck 4pm.

The famous “Humbug Society” was formed at the hotel in 1859, it was setup as a spoof on other societies, such as its open policies as opposed to the secret policies of other clubs and societies. The Humbug Society had such an influence that one of its prominent members E L Grundy was elected to parliament in 1860.

To further their humbug influence, in 1863 they founded their own newspaper; if you haven’t already guessed it was called The Bunyip. The Hotel still retains the cast iron verandah and lacework that was added to the building in the 1880’s, this was manufactured locally by the Eagle Foundry. The Globe changed its name to the Kingsford Hotel on the 14th of August 1958 after the historic property of Kingsford north of Gawler which was established by Stephen King, one of Gawler’s founding fathers.

The hotel is still in its original position in Murray Street, although it has been extended over time, but, despite this it still retains its original charm.

It is now classified by the National Trust (item No. 1030) By Ian McDonnell April 2013

The original building was more austere than the existing hotel. In 1851 it was known as the Globe Inn and was renamed the Globe Hotel in 1876. It remained so until 1958 when it was once again renamed as the Kingsford Hotel after one of the original properties of Gawler. The ornate cast iron verandah which includes early cast pillars was added sometime in the 1880's and has been repaired by the Eagle Foundry, the original supplier, sometime in the 1930s. By Rob Richter

The following information has been gathered with permission from “Hotels and Publicans in South Australia” by J.L. (Bob) Hoad Adelaide 1986 ISBN 0 86745 002 9 and ISBN 0 9595446 2 3

KINGSFORD HOTEL 32 Murray Street, Gawler

Known as Globe Inn 1851 – 1875

Known as Globe Hotel 1876 – 13.8.1958

Known as Kingsford Hotel 14.8.1958 – 1984 - ?

National Trust Classified List [Item no. 1030]

1851 D’Arcy M.

1851 Harris F.A.

1852 – 1853 Auld J.

1853 - 1858 Square Wm.

1858 – 1860 Causby George (died 1876)

1860 Square Wm.

1861 Bradley S.

1861 – 1864 Knowles John

1865 – 12.9.1875 Martin Edward

13.9.1875 – 8.9.1878 Coxell J.

9.9.1878 – 1883 Gardiner James

1884 - 1885 Hodgkins Mary Mrs.

1885 – 12.9.1886 Morley W.H.

13.9.1886 – 1887 Panter R.J.

1887 – 1891 Hussey E.H.

1892 Henderson J.W.

1893 Barkell Edward

1894 Flannigan P.

1895 – 1901 Jolly W. Mrs. (same person?)

1902 – 1904 Jolly W.C. (same person?)

1905 – 1907 Williams T. Fred

1908 Reynolds J.P.

1908 Churches E.T.

1909 – 1910 Churches E.S.

1911 – 1913 Tamlyn J.W.

1914 Hyman R.J.

1915 – 1918 Pratt P.E. Mrs.

1919 – 1925 Leaney T.

1926 – 1927 Smith F.J.

1928 Hern Margaret

1929 Stevens Mrs.

1930 Tasker L.

1931 – 1932 Schack F.F.

1932 – 17.10.1934 Broderick N.A.

18.10.1934 – 20.6.1937 Cox Theresa A.

21.6.1937 – 11.7.1939 Hitchin Dora Blanche

12.7.1939 – 26.5.1940 Burton Hilda May

27.5.1940 – 9.3.1941 Traeger Florrie Etheldreda

10.3.1941 – 22.10.1942 Traeger Oscar Wilfred

23.10.1942 – 14.4.1946 Traeger Olwyn Irene

15.4.1946 – 31.3.1959 Lyons Joseph Douglas & O’Halloran Aloysius Vincent

1.4.1959 – 23.1.1972 Lyons Joseph Douglas & Dorothy Alice

24.1.1972 – 21.7.1974 Lyons Joseph Douglas (died 21.7.1974)

22.7.1974 – 1.8.1974 Lyons Dorothy Alice

2.8.1974 – 18.9.1975 Andrews Lawrence Richard

19.9.1975 – 18.10.1975 Lyons Dorothy Alice

19.10.1975 – 5.10.1978 Andrews Lawrence Richard

6.10.1978 – 5.10.1980 Holness Peter Thomas

6.10.1980 – 10.7.1983 Kies Clyde Geoffrey

11.7.1983 – 1984 - ? Woods Desmond Barry

For more photos of the Kingsford or Globe Hotel, please click here.

===== Kingsford Hotel 32 Murray St, Gawler, S.A. 5118 ph (08) 85 221687 fax (08) 85 235712 Since 1851 =====

The Kingsford Hotel balcony has been reconstructed with the support of the heritage advisors at the Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources. We were pleased to receive “heritage” approval for the plan to build an external access / stairway to the balcony on the southern side of the hotel. Access to the balcony was originally from inside the hotel but with modern fire and safety standards this access is no longer possible. So we are now pleased to have a balcony that can be safely accessed and enjoyed by the community.

Every effort was made to reconstruct the balcony as per the original design. Moulds were made of the balcony posts so that new / renovated cast iron posts could be recast with all the original design features. This work was done in Victoria.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the balcony is the fine cast iron lacework, which was added to the hotel in the 1880’s and made at Thompson’s Eagle Foundry in King Street, Gawler. This lacework was carefully removed, restored and finally replaced to complete the job.

Tony Harnett gave an excellent account of Kingsford Hotel history and the video of his address can be found on "Videos" "Harnett 2"

WHAT MAKES A PERFECT PUBLICAN? taken from a Bunyip article 7th April 1971

“Description of a perfect publican. He must be a democrat, acrobat and a doormat. He must be able to entertain prime ministers, pickpockets, pirates, philanthropists, press and the police.

“He must be on both sides of the political fence; he must be a footballer, golfer, tennis player, bowler, darts champion and pigeon fancier.

“He must settle fights and arguments; he must be a boxer, wrestler, weightlifter and peacemaker.

“He must always look immaculate when drinking with bankers, swankers, commercial travellers even though he just stopped a “blue” in the bar.

“He must keep the bars full, storerooms full, customers full, but not get full himself. He must have a staff who are non-drinkers, clean, honest, quick-thinkers, mathematicians, technicians, who must, at times, be on his side, customers’ side, but stay inside the bar.

“They say he wrecks homes, takes weekly pay cheques. In other worders saturates, confiscates, deteriorates and propagates.

“To sum up, he must be outside, inside, offside, glorified, sanctified and stupefied."

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Murray Street 32 Globe Hotel c1895
Murray Street 32 Globe Hotel c1895
Murray Street 32 Globe Hotel 1936
Murray Street 32 Globe Hotel 1936
Kingsford Hotel, 2010
Kingsford Hotel, 2010
Kingsford Hotel history compiled by Tony Harnett
Kingsford Hotel history compiled by Tony Harnett


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