McCann John Patrick

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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1852
Place of birth New Jersey, USA
Date of arrival 1855

John Patrick McCann was born in New Jersey USA in March 1852 to Irish Immigrant parents. His parents decided to return to Ireland after not liking the conditions in America. They then decided to give Australia a try.

The McCanns arrived in Australia in May 1855 onboard the Clyde. John’s father took a position with James Martin where he stayed for 34 years. In the late 1880s, the McCann family took property between Gawler and Roseworthy. John was educated at Roseworthy under the tuition of Miss Finch. Not long after buying, Mr McCann was offered an exorbitant amount of money for his land, which he took. The family then moved to Redbanks.

In 1875 John McCann married Mary Murphy of Hamley Bridge. The couple had 6 boys and 2 girls: Edmund, Peter, Sid, Cornelius, Thomas and Herbert, Mrs. G. Synies, and Miss Stella McCann.

[research by Alllen Tiller]


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