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Town or Locality: Gawler
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Whitelaw Terrace contains James Martin's monument which is in the Town of Gawler Local Heritage list.

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Whitelaw Terrace

Witlaw Terrace in map 1.

Whitlaw Terrace in map 3.

Whitlaw Terrace in 1858 to 1861 rates books.

Whitelaw Terrace 1860 rates book.

Not mentioned in 1868 to 1890-91 rates books.


1. “Plan of Gawler Town and its Suburban Townships, showing routes examined for the proposed railway to Angaston; Plan Nº 2.; Taxation department”. Original located at State records, [C506] Neg GRG 21/24/32. Handwriting has been added in red pen, including the wording “Alternative line November 1889” and “Line examined for railway November 1889” and dotted lines denoting the proposed railway routes

3. “Plan of Gawlertown and its Suburban Townships; compiled by George Warren 1863; Taxation Department”.


Dr Helen Wilmore, Coordinator, Gawler Historical Rates Assessment Database

Gawler Environment & Heritage Assoc. Inc.

C/- 42 Finniss St

Gawler SA 5118

Please note: The rates book information provided represents records as they were entered in the original rates assessment books, as best as we could ascertain. However, we cannot guarantee that mistakes have not been introduced. So, for strict research purposes, the original rates assessment books held at State Records must be taken as the most definitive source of information

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