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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual

1864 Born at Sydenham, Kent on 7 November.

1883 Arrived in Adelaide on 13 April on “S.S. Cicero” aged 18 years.
Lived at Sydenham Cottage, Kent Town.

E.H.Coombe, M.P. "History of Gawler 1837 - 1908" Page 309 states that "Was for many years in business, and then decided to enter the ministry. Was engaged in active church work at St. John's Church, Adelaide for 17 years. Studied at St. Barnabas College, Adelaide."

Became member of St. John’s Young Men’s Society.
Elected superintendent of St. John’s Sunday school.

1887 Elected vice president of St. John’s Young Men’s Society.

1888 Became lay reader at St. John’s.

1889 Married Alice Adelaide Uffindell at St. John’s on 23 May.
Subsequently had 3 children.

1892 Elected warden of St. John’s.

1895 Elected vice president of Literary Societies Union.
Took leading role in St. John’s Dramatic Society.

1900 Graduated from St. Barnabas College, North Adelaide.

1901 Ordained Deacon in December 1901 and Priest in December 1902 by Bishop Harper. Assistant Curate to Canon Andrews, St. Bartholomew's, Norwood, and St. Mark's Maylands, from December 1901 to August 1903.

1903 Appointed Rector at St. Augustine’s Church, Port Augusta from September 1, 1903, to December 31, 1906.

1907 Appointed Rector at St. George’s Church, and The Church of the Transfiguration in Gawler on 1 January.

1907 - 1908 President of Gawler Literary Society's Union and member of Gawler Institute Committee.

1911-1919 Rural Dean of Gawler.

1912 Chaplain Roseworthy Agricultural College.

1916-1919 Chaplain Australian Military Forces.

1925 Appointed Rector St. Jude’s Church, Brighton on 30 December.

1932 Oversaw construction of Grundy Hall at St. Jude’s.

1934 Elected Canon on 9 March.

1935 Death of wife on 3 August.

1936 Retired from St. Jude’s on 30 June aged 72 years.
Officiated at Australian Board of Missions.
Officiated as “locum tenens” at Christ Church, North Adelaide.

1949 Died on 8 June aged 85 and buried in St. Jude’s Cemetery.

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Rev Canon Sydney Thomas Charles Best
Rev Canon Sydney Thomas Charles Best
Painted by James Ashton and presented to Rev Canon S.T.C. Best c1907
Painted by James Ashton and presented to Rev Canon S.T.C. Best c1907

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