Colton Brian Desmond

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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 7.2.1925

Principal occupation Lawyer
Date of death 3.12.2019

Brian D Colton A.A.S.A. is a former partner in the law firm Rudall and Rudall. He commenced as an Accountant there and then achieved his Law Degree and practised there for some 35 years.

Please <click here> to read Brian Colton's Eulogy, as given by his daughter Margaret. Daughter Carol said that Brian and Joan married in 1948, not 1949 as quoted in the Eulogy.

Following John Harrold Chambers’s death, in 1971 a Committee comprising Gawler Service Club members was formed to honour John by creating a Memorial Reference Library. Committee Members included Lance Hatcher, Brian Thom, Ken Brereton, Elmars Senbergs, Kevin Eckert and Frank White, and met at Brian Colton's home in Jane Street, Willaston. Donations were sought from the community and the several thousand dollars collected was used to purchase many technical reference books. These books were presented to the Gawler Institute and placed within an appropriately sized bookcase in the Library.

Please click here to see photos of Brian Colton.

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