Coronation Drinking Fountain

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Fast Facts
Type of thing Government
Date made or found 2 June 1953
Place used Church Hill
Place found 41 Cowan Street, Church Hill, Gawler.

The Coronation Drinking Fountain was situated on the corner of 41 Cowan Street and Cameron Street at Church Hill, Gawler. The fountain was unveiled by Councillor A.R. Dawe on 2 June 1953 to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The fountain has been in a state of disrepair for an unknown amount of time and may be removed due to the sale of the property. In 2020, the location the fountain sat at was put on sale.1

Join in the Parade

The Gawler Coronation Celebrations Committee cordially invites all organisations to join in the grand parade through Murray Street on Tuesday morning. All who have been invited to view the parade from the Town Hall balcony are requested to meet the Mayor in the Council Chamber punctually at 10.45 a.m. Immediately after the parade a Coronation drinking fountain at the Church Hill Children's playground will be formally opened. Townspeople are reminded that the Government has asked that flags should be flown wherever possible both on public and private buildings. 2


Later in the morning Cr. A.R. Dawe was given the honour of unveiling a drinking fountain at the Church Hill Children's Playground. Calling on Cr. Dawe to perform the ceremony the Mayor praised his efforts keeping the play area in such fine order. After a brief speech Cr. Dawe raised the flag covering the fountain, drawing attention to the brass plate referring to its unveiling on this the day of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation. A lucky little girl to have first drink from the fountain was Lynette Daniel. 3

[Researched by Allen Tiller].



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