Gawler Refugee Association 35th Anniversary 2015

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Type of event Commemoration

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Rev. Brian Polkinghorne addressed all present with the following welcome and Grace…..

"I don't know about you people, but we had quite a task on our hands to teach our children to say thank you when they received something special. As adults here tonight, we have all received something special - the privilege of living in arguably the best country in the world - Australia. I hope that like me you acknowledge that regularly and say thank you and live thankfully.

I have heard that there are people here tonight from eleven different countries. I want to hear the word "thank you" in 11 different languages and I will start off by saying it in Kiswahili - Asante Sana.

(The people then responded)

There are many sources of our gratitude from our ancestors to our politicians, from community groups to the committee that welcomed the first refugees here 35 years ago - yes it's our 35th birthday. Thirty five years ago wonderfully gracious and kind people of Gawler welcomed some of you and the process has continued, and we trust that your lives have been enriched by that welcome and your life in Australia. But we also want to give thanks for enriching our lives. Your friendship, your sharing of life experiences and skills have enriched us, so thank you. But back behind all the people and organisations is the grace,mercy, love and creativity of God, not matter what name you give to the creative force that made everything visible and invisible. So let us now pause to give thanks in prayer.”

“Great and wonderful God of all people, of all places, of all times; we pause to say thank you for the goodness and riches of life we enjoy in this wonderful country. We thank you for the opportunities we have to interact with each other and be enriched by each other in an atmosphere of peace and security here in Australia. And now we thank you for the privilege of sharing food together from many different cultural backgrounds and we pray your blessing upon us that we may always live in gratitude for the goodness of life we enjoy to enrich our communities and honour your name O God. Amen.”

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