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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business
Also known as: Miss Nott's School
Street number: 16
Street name: Fourteenth
Street suffix: Street
Town or locality: Gawler South
Date established: c. 1894
Ceased operation: c. 1911
Established by: Nott Florence
Business or purpose: Private School
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Miss Nott’s School was run by Florence Nott, daughter of Dr George Nott, from her residence at Lot 70 Express Street, Gawler West (now 16 Fourteenth Street, Gawler South). The school operated from about 1894 until 1911 or later (Coombe 1910, Bunyip 16 Jun 1911).

In the early 1900s the students presented annual entertainments, typically in the Gawler West Methodist Church, to raise funds for the Adelaide Children’s Hospital; performances included the operetta “Little Folks” and the cantata “Princess Tiny Tot” (Bunyip 26 Oct 1900, Bunyip 20 Sept 1901, Advertiser 11 Oct 1902, Chronicle 10 Dec 1904)

Miss Nott’s students also participated in the Gawler Jubilee Celebrations in 1907 and the demonstration for King George’s Coronation in 1911 (Bunyip 11 Oct 1907, Bunyip 16 Jun 1911). In her memoirs (Gawler Memories 1901 to 2001), long time Gawler resident Beatrice Eileen ‘Trix’ McConnell, recalls attending Miss Nott’s school and taking part in a procession of school children through Murray Street to the showgrounds, where they were addressed by the Governor – this was likley the 1907 Jubilee Celebration.

Trix McConnell describes the school as being run by two sisters, the Misses Nott, suggesting that Florence’s older sister Lucy was also involved.

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Fourteenth Street 16
Fourteenth Street 16
017 Miss Nott's schoolroom
017 Miss Nott's schoolroom
McConnell Beatrice Eileen [Trix] 008
McConnell Beatrice Eileen [Trix] 008

Memories of Miss Nott's School

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