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Fast Facts
Address: Blanch Street
Town or Locality: Gawler East
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Yenda was built by significant Gawler pioneers David and Eliza Mahony [sometimes spelt Mahoney].

Please <click here> to view photos of Yenda.

Below is the link to click on Geoff Watson's address to the Gawler History Team re Yenda. To view slides used during Geoff's presentation please <click here>.

Please <click here> to read the history of 'Yenda' as researched and written by Geoff Watson.

Please <click here> to read the history of the 'Lewis Family at Yenda' - researched and written by Geoff Watson.

Please <click here> to read Geoff Watson's research on Yenda's land title.

Gawler History Team Inc. thanks Mr Geoff Watson for allowing us to share his extensive research on this significant Gawler building.

Please click here to view historical information from the 1998 Danvers Heritage Survey regarding this location. <1>


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  • 1. Danvers Architects Gawler Heritage Survey 1998 The Corporation of the Town of Gawler (June 1998)
Rear of Yenda 2019
Rear of Yenda 2019
Blanch Street 2, Yenda
Blanch Street 2, Yenda
Yenda 1989
Yenda 1989


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