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Date made or found c. 1860

The Gawler History Team Ince is proud to present a photograph of Gawler donated by the Robertson family. The photo shows the southern end of Murray Street, Gawler. On the left-hand side, the building currently occupied by Rudall & Rudall Lawyers can be seen (25 Murray Street). On the right-hand side, buildings at numbers 26 and 28 can be seen. At the time 28 Murray Street was occupied by Roger's Butchers. In the background, the Mill Inn can be seen, which today is Hyde and Associated, Doctors.

A house on the corner of Eighth and Ninth Street is visible in the background, and in the distance is what appears to be the original Gawler Train Station.

We have scanned the photograph in multiple resolutions, of which you can zoom in to make out the details of buildings.

We have also colourised the photo via to give a representation of what the area may have looked like at the time.

Please <click here> to view a photograph of Gawler taken circa 1860.

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